Junior Development Squad Program

Our Junior Development and Turbo squads provide a high intensity training environment for juniors aged 10+.

The 90 minute Squad sessions include fitness & footwork components, competitive singles and doubles drills, and a focus on skill development and technical improvement.

Sophisticated techniques development including the development of topspin and slice on groundstrokes, serving and volleying in doubles, approach shots and “pressure drills” are also introduced, as well as when and how to change pace, depth and spin.

4:30 – 6:00 pm Monday to Friday for intermediate to advanced standard players  

All participants in the Junior Development Squad and Turbo Squad program also receive an additional one-on-one private lesson during the term to focus on individual stroke technique.

2017 Term Fees

90 minute Junior Development Squads $375.00 for 10 week term

(All participants also receive an additional one-one-one private lesson during the term)