Junior Development Squads

You can get through a lot in 90 minutes on the tennis court.

Our squads are packed with activity, energy, challenges and drills. There’s a warmup, mini-tennis, volleys, smashes, groundstrokes, approaches, singles and doubles play, serving and volleying, to name a few.

And all squad players are grouped according to age and standard to ensure a competitive training session where strokes are tested under pressure.

Because it’s not just technical skills that matter in tennis – it’s being able to hit the right shot at the right time. That’s what wins matches, and that idea is consistent across all of our squad programs.

We also include

  • Fitness & Footwork
  • Competitive singles and doubles drills
  • Serving and Returning
  • Technical improvement

Hoping to improve your game? Contact us to try out a Junior Development Squad session in 2018 and become a better player.