Shot Champs Program (ages 6-10)

We make tennis easier to learn, and easier to play

Shot Champs develops and improve the skills needed to play junior competition tennis at the club level – and it works. That’s why we have the most junior teams of any club participating in NEJTA Saturday morning junior competition.

Our Shot Champs classes run afterschool, weekday and Sunday mornings at Eaglemont Tennis Club. Teaching the Tennis Australia Hot Shots philosophy to “rally, serve and score”, we give kids the skills to ‘play the game’ which, in turn, teaches them skills like decision-making, teamwork and shot selection.

It also gives them confidence as, most importantly, all our classes and activites are at an appropriate level for the skill level of each player.

We also include the basic developments of each shot and gradual progressions on forehand, backhand, serve, volley and smash. This in turn develops consistency, control and concentration.

Interested in finding out how easy we make tennis?

Contact us today for a free tryout session in our Shot Champs Classes at Eaglemont Tennis Club.