Guaranteed to Get You TennisFit

Whether you’re an accomplished player or a beginner, our Womens TennisFit program will give you an aerobic workout that’s fun, social and challenging. And we guarantee to improve your tennis, too.

The Women’s Tennisfit program is a 90 minute tennis workout that combines the best of our singles and doubles drills with some individual work on your tennis game.

Players are also grouped together according to standard so that they can develop their tennis skills and fitness at an appropriate pace.

Come along for a free tryout session (sessions held every Wednesday & Friday mornings during the school term from 10 am to 11:30 am)

Session day and times

Womens TennisFit – 2017 term fee schedule

Wednesday & Friday mornings
10am – 11:30 am
$300 per 10 week term or $35.00 casual visit


What if I’ve never played before?

We will make sure that you are put into a group of players of a similar standard. If you need to work on the basics we will also provide individual coaching to fast track your game.

What if I don’t think my fitness is very good?

The drills in the program can be adjusted according to the standard and fitness of the participants, and we will endeavour to provide a challenging and achievable program.

Will I really get a good workout playing tennis?

Many participants in the program have commented on how much more of a workout they have received in the program than just playing competitive doubles. Tennis is an ideal sport for improving cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone and we are confident this program will do both.