Intensive coaching to challenge and develop your game. 

Our Junior Development Squads are packed with activity, energy, challenges and drills. But there’s a difference – they’re designed to make you into a better match player, not just a better player.

Because tennis isn’t just a warmup, mini-tennis, volleys, smashes, groundstrokes, approaches, singles and doubles play, serving and volleying either.

Firstly, you’ve got to treat each player individually to work on their strengths and weaknesses. Then you’ve got to ensure a competitive training session where strokes are tested under pressure.

Because tennis is just as much as being able to hit the right shot at the right time, as anything else. And that’s what wins matches, and that idea is consistent across all of our squad programs.

Hoping to improve your game? Contact us to try out a Junior Development Squad session – I guarantee it’ll improve yours.

New for 2019

You can’t underestimate the importance of match play in the development of a junior’s game. That’s why, as part of their term enrolment, all squad players receive a one-on-one private lesson each term and participate free in our Friday night Singles Ladder competition.

“A squad session not only needs to be intensive and physically demanding, it also needs to replicate what happens in a match.  Because you need to have trained that way in practise if you want to HANDLE THE PRESSURE of a close match. And that ability is what wins matches.”