pennant player of the year“My tennis career began with Shane many years ago when I first started lessons at the age of four.

He taught me the art of ball tracking, technique and love of the game.

Equally important, throughout the years he has mentored and shown me in example the meaning of sportsmanship. Today I have an Australian Ranking of 168 and I’m fifth in the State of Victoria for my birth year. Coach (Shane) Scrutton is a team mate, coach and mentor.

He assists me in technique, tactical knowledge and fuels my love of the game. I would not be the tennis player and person I am today without the on-going support of Coach (Shane) Scrutton.”    

Tom Ciszewski

What’s the easiest way to start learning and competing in tennis?

There’s a lot that goes into making a tennis player. All that encouragement, coaching progressions, and of course working on serves, forehands, backhands, volleys, smashes and, yes my favourite, dropshots. 

So you need a program with the right level of coaching experience and expertise, and a club with programs suitable to your standard.

They’re the things that will develop a love for the sport that, hopefully, will last a lifetime. 

Since 2002, I’ve ran Yarra Tennis Coaching as the Head Coach of Eaglemont Tennis Club, winning both the inaugural 2012 Tennis Victoria Club – Coaching Excellence Award and the 2015 TCAV Club Coach of the Year Award.

We’ve produced some of the best junior tennis players in Melbourne – names like Tom Ciszewski, Jemma Carbis, Cooper White, Ted Williams, Alex Scrutton, and many, many others.

But it’s not just about excelling at the sport – it’s also making a club a friendly, supportive and encouraging place to play tennis. 

That’s the Yarra Tennis difference.