Here’s a couple of pretty important questions to ask your club coach.

Firstly, how many junior teams does your club have? Because that’s the easiest way to determine the success of any coaching pathway. And secondly, how much direct contact does that coach have with you (or your child’s) actual tennis development?

I’ve been the club coach at Eaglemont Tennis Club since 2002,  which is now the biggest junior tennis club in the Northern Eastern Junior Tennis Association with over 20 junior teams in 2019. Tennis Victoria think we go ok too – using us as an example of a successful   club and coach partnership.

And my attitude to coaching (read about it here) means every session is about simply getting better at the game, mixed with enthusiasm and encouragement (without the bamboozling jargon).

So you’re interested in learning more, or want a free assessment on your game, or like to join one of the fastest-growing tennis clubs in Melbourne, call me today on 0414 373 586.


Shane Scrutton

2015 TCAV Club Coach of the Year Award Winner 

2012 Tennis Victoria Club Coach of the Year Award Winner

Tennis Australia Master Club Professional (2013)

Australian Mens 35 and over singles champion (2006)

Victorian Mens 45 and over singles champion (2017)

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Tuesday night is fight night

If you closed your eyes and listened to the crazed antics you could be mistaken for thinking that these guys were playing for at least a couple of hundred thousand dollars in prizemoney (after travelling half-way round the world to boot).

Why is match play so important?

Players who play more than once a week, improve dramatically more than those who don’t.

And there is a big difference between coaching, and playing competitively where players are required to know how to score, call balls in and out, combine effectively with their partner, and learn how to win and lose (that last point being probably the most important).

That’s why I’ve added free matchplay sessions into our junior coaching program in 2019 – because tennis is a whole lot more fun when you’re getting better at it.

Shane Scrutton